3 Tips Guaranteed to Lower your Internet Bill from your ISP

3 Tips Guaranteed to Lower your Internet Bill from your ISP

80% of Americans pay too much for their internet. If you’re like most people, you’re paying too much for too little internet.

As the price of internet plans continues to rise, it’s time consumers like you fought back. Today, we’re giving you three tips that will help you reduce the cost of internet in your home – guaranteed:

Figure Out How Much Internet You Really Need

The first and most important way to lower your internet bill is to figure out how much internet you need.

That involves determining your required internet speeds and your required monthly bandwidth.

There’s actually a helpful free online tool called How Much Internet Speed Do I Need, which asks you questions about your devices and usage to determine how much internet speed you really need.

Families with multiple devices and gaming systems, for example, need more internet speed than a single person living in a condo.

Meanwhile, the best way to look at your required bandwidth is to look at your last few internet bills. Your bills tell you how much bandwidth you used every month. Total up your last 12 internet usage bills and take the average. That’s about how much internet you need.

If you don’t trust your ISP’s data usage (and a lot of people don’t), then download your own bandwidth tracker. There are plenty of free software programs available online that will track how much bandwidth goes through your computer every month. Some routers even have this feature.

Test your Internet to Determine your Real Speed

Many ISPs get in trouble for providing less internet than you’re paying for. After you’ve determined how much internet you need, and you’ve signed up for the appropriate plan, it’s time to test your internet speed.


For years, http://www.speedtest.net/ has been the most popular online tool. It’s a free service that tests your internet based on nearby servers. It’s fast, easy to use, and helps you compare your speeds against other providers in your region.

Take a few tests with that tool. Then, contact your ISP if there’s a big discrepancy between what you’re paying for and what you’re getting. Sometimes, there’s a hardware problem on your end that’s preventing you from getting the speeds you’re paying for (in which case the ISP can come to fix it).

In other cases, the ISP may be genuinely mischarging you for a plan, in which case you need to stand up for yourself.

Buy Your Own Router

ISPs will often provide their own routers. Sometimes, this can be a nice, easy convenience. In other cases, ISPs gouge you and charge $10 per month for a router that you don’t even get to keep.

amazon router

Take a quick look on Amazon and you’ll find that the same routers your ISP uses can be found for $20 to $100 online. In many cases, you can get a way better router with superior functions for a fraction of the annual bill your ISP charges.

Ultimately, don’t be afraid to negotiate with your ISP and to stand up for yourself. Most ISP customers simply pay a flat rate and never investigate how much internet they’re getting. Don’t be a clueless consumer. Stand up for yourself and follow the tips above to save hundreds of dollars off the cost of your internet bill.



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