5 Easy Ways to Make Google Chrome Run Faster

5 Easy Ways to Make Google Chrome Run Faster

Google Chrome is one of the world’s best and most popular browsers. But let’s be honest: it’s a bit of a performance hog.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to reduce Chrome’s performance impact on your PC. Today, we’re sharing those tips so you get the fastest version of Chrome possible.

5) Manually Close Chrome Processes Using the Built-In Chrome Task Manager

It’s true: Chrome has its own Task Manager. Whenever Chrome starts to feel sluggish, you should get in the habit of pressing Shift + Esc while in Chrome to open the Task Manager.

You’ll see a list of running processes. Just like the Windows Task Manager, you can sort by memory usage and easily cancel any processes you don’t immediately need.

4) Remove Old, Unused Extensions

When Chrome starts to slow down and develop problems, it’s often related to plugin issues. Old plugins can wreak havoc on Chrome. Sometimes, hackers will actually buy or infect old plugins, forcing users to download a newer update and then delivering malware to that user.

That’s rare but it still happens. In any case, your plugins need to load every time you boot up Chrome. Remove some plugins from your browser by typing chrome://extensions into the address bar. Then, disable any plugins you don’t need and press the “trash can” button beside any buttons you want to permanently remove.

3) Switch Plugins to Click-to-Play

This is not just a PC optimization trick: it’s a security tip as well. Many viruses are delivered to Chrome through plugins. These plugins load automatically after you visit a webpage, which means your PC may be instantly infected without you even taking any action.

Plugins also take up the majority of loading time on a modern website. By disabling plugins, or making them click-to-play, you’ll make Chrome significantly faster.

To do that, go to chrome://settings in your browser then click on Show advanced settings and find Content settings under Privacy. Scroll down until you see the Plugins section, then check the box beside Let me choose when to run plugin content.

2) Install the Data Saver Extension

This plugin is great if you’re on a slow connection or if you’re on a metered connection (where your usage is tracked). The Data Saver extension was made by Google and compresses all web data so it’s significantly smaller. Your computer spends less time loading and you enjoy less data usage. Everybody wins.

data saver

Install the Data Saver extension here.

1) Install Plugins Like the Great Suspender

I don’t know about you, but I have a free dozen tabs open on my computer right now. Some of those tabs, I haven’t even looked at in hours.

The Great Suspender is for idiots like me.

It’s a Chrome plugin that will automatically suspend tabs that you haven’t touched in a while. This frees up memory and CPU cycles for use on more relevant stuff. Meanwhile, your tabs are always available to be restored simply by clicking the favicon and title text on your browser.

great suspender

You can install the Great Suspender extension here.

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