5 Easy Ways to Piss Off a PC Gamer

5 Easy Ways to Piss Off a PC Gamer

Are you a PC gamer? Do you know a PC gamer? They can be a sensitive bunch. Truth be told, there has never been a better time to be a PC gamer. Still, that doesn’t make them immune from criticism.

Whether you’re trying to troll them or you just genuinely love consoles more, here are 5 easy ways to piss off a PC gamer in your life.

5) Tell Them Console Gaming is Cheaper

One of the easiest ways to compare PC gaming with console gaming is by looking at the price.

“But a modern console costs $300 to $500, while a premium PC costs over $1500. I can’t afford that!”

Just tell that stat to a PC gamer and watch them lose their minds. Before you know it, they’ll be rattling off PC builds that can beat console specs for under $500.

No, you’re not going to beat a console’s $250 price tag any time soon. However, the PC gamer will also point out the cost of games. On the PC, you have things like Steam sales and GOG sales where you can pick up games for heavily discounted prices. On Xbox? Enjoy paying $60 to $80 for every game you want to play.

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In any case, a lot of people think gaming on consoles is cheaper than gaming on a PC. That may be true when you first buy each system, but the long-term costs tend to be about equal – especially if you build a PC with specs as low as an Xbox One or PS4 (something you can build for about $500).

4) Talk About How You Can’t Game on your Couch from a PC

“I don’t want to sit on my office chair and game all day. I’d rather sit on my couch and play on my big-screen TV.”

PC gamers will smile knowingly before telling you that there’s nothing stopping you from putting your gaming PC next to your TV and hooking it up using any standard HDMI connection, and then taking advantage of things like Steam’s Big Picture mode to make big screen gaming more accessible than ever before.

3) Force Them to Install UPlay

UPlay – and most other publisher-specific login systems – are undeniably horrible. They’re designed to combat piracy (I think?). But they end up causing more harm than good. They push away legal game buyers and encourage people to turn to pirated games – which don’t come with the same UPlay login requirements.


One of the best ways to piss off a PC gamer is by forcing them to install something like UPlay and then – even worse – making them use that login every time they want to install a game. That’s just cruel.

2) Tell Them Multiplayer Gaming is Harder on PC

“PC gaming is fun but you can’t play games with your friends.”

That’s a definite way to piss off a PC gamer. Multiplayer gaming isn’t just available on the PC: it’s easier than on many consoles. You have plenty of ways to communicate with your friends – from Steam to Curse.


You can even play on the same screen as your friends and hook up multiple controllers – although admittedly, this has always been harder on PC.

The best multiplayer gaming I’ve ever experienced takes place in a LAN party setting, where people have multiple PCs hooked up together in the same room. I’ll take that over split-screen console gaming any day of the week.

1) Tell Them PC Gaming is Just for Nerdy Games like MOBAs, RTSes, and MMORPGs

Remember the days when jocks in high school would beat up the nerds for liking nerdy things? Yeah, I don’t really remember those days, but I think they happened back in the 1970s and 80s.

In any case, there’s a huge misconception that PC gaming is only for so-called nerdy games: like MOBAs and MMORPGs. It’s somewhat true: a lot of MOBAs, RTSes, and MMORPGs are exclusive to PC.

league of legends

However, there are few games available on console that aren’t available on PC. Aside from sports games and the odd platformer, most games are available across platforms. Even FIFA is available on PC these days.

Whether you’re trolling or stocking up on ammo to use against your friend, these are some of the easiest and most effective ways to piss off the PC gamer in your life.

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