5 Important Things to Know from Today’s Microsoft Event

5 Important Things to Know from Today’s Microsoft Event

Earlier today, Microsoft held a major press event. As expected, Microsoft announced a new all-in-one PC called the Surface Studio (with prices starting at $3,000). The company also made several other important announcements that affect Windows users.

What do you need to know about today’s Microsoft event? Here are 5 fast facts that affect Windows users the most.

5) A New $3,000 Surface Studio All-in-One PC

Microsoft is gunning for Apple’s AIO PC market with its own Surface Studio release. The Studio starts at $3,000 and is one of the sleekest, best-looking PCs on the market today. It’s straight out of a science fiction movie (in a good way) and is everything a futuristic PC should look like. It seriously looks good.

Microsoft is advertising its Surface studio as the future of desktops. It comes with a massive 28-inch touch display that’s somehow only 12.5mm thick and can flip between color spaces on the fly. You can also fold down the entire screen to make it easier to use with a pen (i.e. you can write on it).


You can choose from an i5 or i7 model (both on the latest 7th gen Intel processors) along with up to 32GB of RAM and a 4GB Nvidia GeForce GPU. The base model starts at $3,000.

4) Spec Upgrades for the Surface Book

Last year, Microsoft released its first ever company-made laptop, the Surface Book. It was a big surprise and a popular hit. This year, Microsoft is upgrading the Surface Pro with twice as much processing power along with an unprecedented 16 hours of battery life. It’s priced at $2,400.

3) Massive Updates for Windows 10

Microsoft’s next update for Windows 10 is so big that it even has its own name: the “Creators Update”. That’s coming to Windows 10 for free in early 2017 and will come with plenty of exciting new features.

One thing people are really talking about is the new MS Paint, which is receiving an overhaul that allows you to edit 3D images. PowerPoint will also have 3D modeling, and Windows Phones will have 3D scanning capabilities. Windows will also have a unified messaging platform, where you can control all of your SMS, Skype, and other messages from one central console on Windows.

2) More VR

Tech companies are treating VR seriously. 3D is being added to MS Paint and PowerPoint, and Microsoft is also pushing VR in other ways. If you want to model 3D objects and view them in MS Paint, then you’ll obviously need VR hardware – and that hardware is rarely cheap.


That’s why Microsoft is teaming up with some of the industry’s biggest tech companies (HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer, among others) to create VR headsets starting at $300 that require no additional accessories to function.

1) What Didn’t Happen

Some of the biggest news from the Microsoft event was what didn’t happen. Specifically, Microsoft did not make any mention of the Lumia. There was major speculation that Microsoft would get rid of the Lumia lineup in favor of the Surface Phone – but that was neither confirmed nor denied.

There was also silence on the Microsoft Band front. The Band is Microsoft’s fitness tracker.

Overall, aside from the Surface Studio announcement, it wasn’t a very major event for Microsoft. A few software and hardware updates and one major hardware release – but that’s pretty much it.

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