5 Things Microsoft is Removing in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

5 Things Microsoft is Removing in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Microsoft wants its users to focus on what the company is adding to Windows 10 in their upcoming Anniversary Update.

However, Microsoft is also taking away some key features that you may enjoy.

Yes, we’re getting improvements like a more powerful Cortana and better integration with mobile devices, but we’re also losing some things in the process. Here are 5 things we’re losing in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update:

5) No More Boring Login Page

If you liked the impersonal Microsoft login page, then I have some bad news for you. You know how when you click to enter your password in Windows 10, it takes you to a bland password entry page? After the Anniversary Update, you’ll see your personalized login page the whole time. There’s also a nifty new animation for switching from the lock screen to the login page.

4) Wi-Fi Sense

Wi-Fi Sense was Microsoft’s experiment in how to share Wi-Fi login data. Microsoft removed that feature after few people started using it.

That feature was originally available on Windows Phones, and it’s been available on PCs since 2015. However, after a year of limited usage, Microsoft is pulling the plug on the program.

wifi sense

The problem with Wi-Fi Sense is that it required Microsoft storing your Wi-Fi login data on its servers. Some people were uncomfortable with that. Other people (like me) just didn’t know such a feature existed.

In any case, Microsoft is leaving behind one feature of Wi-Fi Sense: the feature that alerts you when an open Wi-Fi network is discovered nearby.

3) All Apps Menu

Windows 10 will no longer feature an “All Apps” menu, also known as the “All Programs” menu in previous versions of Windows. That’s right: Microsoft is getting rid of a feature that’s been around since the early days of Windows.

windows 10 anniversary update 2

Instead of the All Apps menu, Microsoft is putting a Settings app and account picture in its place. To view your apps, you’ll open the Start menu and see a list of all installed programs in alphabetical order.

2) The Ability to Turn Off Cortana is Gone

You won’t be able to turn off Cortana in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. In previous Windows 10 builds, you could deactivate Cortana and use a plain vanilla search option instead. However, Microsoft is removing the plain search option – so now Cortana is your only choice.

windows 10 anniversary update 3

Now, the only way to remove Cortana from your taskbar is to remove the textbox entirely, which means you won’t be able to search for stuff directly from your desktop. This is an aggressive move by Microsoft – and one that will likely anger privacy advocates.

1) Kid’s Corner

Kid’s Corner was another little-used feature in Windows 10. It was first found on Windows 10 Mobile but was available through a menu in Windows 10. In this system, kids could open a Start menu filled with specific kid-friendly apps. You probably didn’t use it.

The Anniversary Update arrives on August 2, 2016!

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