5 Tips to Help You Search YouTube Like a Pro

5 Tips to Help You Search YouTube Like a Pro

YouTube has millions of videos and channels. Searching through all of that mess can be challenging. Today, we’re going to show you our 5 favorite YouTube search tips that will help you scan through video content like a pro.

5) Find a Specific Channel

Have you ever typed a channel name into the search bar, only to discover a bunch of videos that are definitely not channels?

Narrowing your search to only display channels is easy. Just type something like this into the search bar:

Dunkey, channel

dunkey channel

All you do is put a comma after your search, followed by the word channel. Now, your search will only return channels with that keyword.

4) Find Movies on YouTube

Typically, this tip works best for finding legal movies on YouTube. However, it can also help you find less-than-legal (some would even say illegal) movies.

All you need to do is type the name of your movie followed by a comma, then movie. Like this:

Lord of the Rings, movie

The search above won’t actually return the full-length Lord of the Rings movies on YouTube (that’s copyright infringement). However, many other movies will pop up when you use this search command. It narrows down your search to longer videos and videos tagged as movies.

3) Find 3D Videos

YouTube doesn’t have very many 3D videos. However, there are still thousands available. If you’re trying out your new 3D setup, then just add “3d” onto your YouTube search like this:

Football, 3d

You’ll see a “3D” tag under each YouTube video, indicating you can watch that video in 3D.

2) Add or Subtract Keywords

One of the easiest and most effective Google search tips is to add a “+” or “-“ to your search to add or remove keywords. YouTube has a similar feature.

To do that, simply add +keyword or -keyword to your search, where keyword is the word you want to add or subtract.

In the case of +keyword, all returned search results must feature that keyword. In the case of -keyword, YouTube will filter out all search results that have that keyword.

One smart way to do this is to add a year to your searches to get recent videos, or to subtract keywords to filter out subjects with ambiguous wording. If you want to get results about the best ice hockey videos on YouTube, for example, then you might want to type in something like “hockey -field”.

1) Only Watch HD Videos

Sick of watching SD crap on YouTube? One of my favorite YouTube searches is to narrow down your search by 4k, 2k, or hd, simply by putting those commands after your search like this:

-Hockey, hd

-Hockey, 2k

-Hockey, 4k

You’ll get results available in whatever format you chose.

hockey 4k

I don’t know about you, but I have trouble getting the results I want from YouTube’s built-in search engine. The filters listed above can make life slightly easier for you and help you return the exact results you need.

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