Avira and Kaspersky Ranked at the Top of Windows 10 Antivirus Tests

Avira and Kaspersky Ranked at the Top of Windows 10 Antivirus Tests

Antivirus software Avira and Kaspersky have achieved top grades in a recent antivirus test for Windows 10.

The test looked at the malware-fighting effectiveness of Windows 10, along with their low resource usage.

This latest test was performed by AV-Test, a Magdeburg, Germany-based security firm known for its regular antivirus tests throughout the year. The firm’s latest round of tests focused specifically on antivirus software for Windows 10.

AV-Test looked at three specific categories:

Protection: How well a program stood up to known malware threats and zero-day threats.

Performance: How it affected overall PC performance.

Usability: How easy the program was to use.

Each category is worth 6 points, with the best possible score being 18. Both Kaspersky and Avira received a total score of 18. They were the only two software programs that received 18 points.

Other highly-placed programs included Bitdefender Internet Security, Symantec Norton Security, and Trend Micro Internet Security, each of which received 17.5 points.

All five of the above mentioned software programs received a “Top Product” recommendation from AV-Test, which means they struck a near-perfect balance between protection, performance, and usability.

It’s important to note that each company offers multiple antivirus products. However, AV-Test designs its ratings to reflect a company’s entire suite of software (all consumer products are built on the same codebase anyway).

Windows Defender Ranked Surprisingly Low

Windows Defender is included on all copies of Windows 10. It ranked at 15 on the AV-Test scale, which was the lowest in the study.

However, to be fair to Windows, AV-Test only looks at the top antivirus software, and they don’t review the really bad programs. Even the lowest-ranked programs in the study were able to block 95% of incoming threats. So Windows Defender might be described as “the worst of the best” antivirus software on the market. It still provides a good base layer of protection for your computer.

AV-Test recommends using antivirus software that scores at least 10/18 on its scale. All software in the latest study ranked between 15/18 and 18/18.

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