The Best Free Software to Install on your PC Today

The Best Free Software to Install on your PC Today

Free PC software can turn your PC into a beast. Today, we’re highlighting the best free PC software users download today to improve speed, performance, and security.

Whether you just got a new computer or you’re revamping an old PC, here are the best free PC software programs to consider installing today:

A Different Browser

We’ll start with something obvious. The first free software most people download is a new browser. Sure, Microsoft Edge is surprisingly good, and it even has extensions. However, many of us have grown accustomed to Firefox or Chrome.


Ninite is a lifesaver if you just bought a new PC. Ninite lets you install dozens of software programs in seconds. Instead of individually visiting each website and downloading that software, you can queue up a list of the software you want to download.

It’s totally free to use. It’s also stupidly simple. Just visit and check the boxes beside each app or software you want to download. A wide variety of free tools and programs are available. Once you’ve checked all your desired boxes, you download a custom installation file, and Ninite will install all of that software for you in minutes.

SpyRemover Pro

SpyRemover Pro is a free download that lets you remove adware, malware, spyware, viruses, and more. It has one of the industry’s best detection rates. And, it speeds up everything on your PC. Stop relying on outdated antivirus software that only checks for Trojans or viruses. Solutions like SpyRemover Pro protect your PC against all corners of the internet.

Best of all SpyRemover Pro is free to download and scan your system – so you can get a sneak peek at the secret levels of your system in seconds without spending a penny.

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Free

There’s nothing wrong with having two free antivirus software programs installed on your PC, then deciding which one you like best. MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Free is a free version of the popular MalwareBytes software.

PC Decrapifier

This is another excellent program if you just bought a new PC. The PC Decrapifier describes itself as “like TP for your PC.” You download the lightweight program for free, and it removes programs, unnecessary startups, and other items that can slow down your PC. It’s totally free to use, and can shave 10 seconds or more off startup times.


CCleaner is similar to PC Decrapifier. In fact, the “C” in CCleaner stands for “Crap Cleaner”. CCleaner is a must-have tool for those who like a fast, uncluttered PC. You can wipe out temporary, outdated, unnecessary files in seconds. I’ve cleared 10GB to 20GB of crap from my hard drive in one CCleaner scan before. It’s the real deal – and it’s totally free to use (although donations are encouraged).


Ultimately, there’s more free PC software online today than ever before. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of low-quality programs masquerading as free PC software. Stick to the list above, and you’ll be running a fast and secure PC in minutes.

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