The Best Pokemon Go Tips You Haven’t Already Heard

The Best Pokemon Go Tips You Haven’t Already Heard

Okay, so you’ve read beginner guides. You’ve read the best tips and tricks. And now you’re in the game and playing.

What’s next? Well, here are a bunch of Pokemon Go tips that you haven’t already read a million times in every other article online.

PokeStops Refresh Every 5 Minutes

You walk past a PokeStop, you spin the disc, and it turns purple. You can’t spin it any more. The thing is: these PokeStops refresh every 5 minutes. So if you wait a few minutes, you’ll be able to spin it again. You probably did know this tip – but it’s helpful if you’re sitting near a PokeStop, coffee shop, or other public place for a little while. Hey, the next time you go to a bar or restaurant, pick one near a PokeStop. Yelp even has a filter for that.

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Use Incense While Moving to Attract More Pokemon

You might be sitting at your home for a little while and think, “Hey, I’m going to be here for a bit, why don’t I use some incense?” Yes, incense attracts Pokemon to your location. However, it appears to be more effective when you’re moving. You’ll always catch more Pokemon when you’re moving, and incense doubles that effect.

Typically, you’ll attract about one Pokemon a minute while walking with incense and about one Pokemon every 5 minutes while standing around.

All Pokemon Have Three Footprints Right Now

If you’ve checked your Pokemon radar in-game lately, then you may have noticed that all of the nearby Pokemon have three footprints beside their name. This system was originally designed to show you how close or far you were from a Pokemon – like 1 footprint, 2 footprints, or 3 footprints. However, due to a recent bug, all Pokemon are three footprints away (this may have been done to reduce server load after the numerous crashes).

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You Can Catch More Pokemon in Parking Lots

This one may or may not be true, but a writer over at swears it’s true: that writer claims that Pokemon “seem to love spawning in parking lots – especially if they’re near PokeStops.” Give it a try and see if your experiences are the same. If I had to guess why, it’s because Pokemon spawn near roads and pathways. Maybe sometimes a parking lot gets registered as a big roadway or a bunch of smaller roadways pushed together? I don’t know.

Use Razz Berries

After level 6, you can use razz berries to increase your chances of catching a Pokemon. You use razz berries in the catch screen, and they make Pokemon sleepy. If you tap and hold your Pokeball and you see a yellow or red ring appear on the Pokemon, then you should probably use a razz berry (if you have more than a few to spare) to increase your chances of catching the Pokemon – especially if it’s a rare one you haven’t yet caught.

razz berries

Don’t Freak Out if the Game Freezes After You Catch a Pokemon

Obviously, Niantic’s servers are under a heavy load right now. Sometimes, you’ll catch a Pokemon and the game will freeze after the Pokeball closes. Don’t freak out: this has happened to me twice so far. You force close the game, log back in, and check your journal. See if you caught the Pokemon. If you didn’t, then the Pokemon should be standing right in front of you waiting to be caught. You can’t lose.

Understand How to Rank Pokemon

When deciding which Pokemon to level, you’ll want to take all of the following into consideration, typically in this order:


-Level (to check level, open the Pokemon and look at the arc above its head. When the dot is further to the right end of the curve, that means the Pokemon is closer to your own level, as your level is the very end of the curve)

-Moves and Ability (look if they have a good special move or a unique standard attack)

Use Lucky Eggs at the Right Times to Maximize XP

Lucky Eggs will double all the personal trainer XP you collect for 30 minutes. The best time to use these is right before you’re evolving a bunch of Pokemon. Normally, you get 500XP for leveling Pokemon. But after using a Lucky Egg, you’ll get 1000XP. Consider gathering a bunch of Pidgeys and Pidgey candy (you only need 12 per evolution. Then, use your Lucky Egg and earn double XP while you level up your Pidgeys.

lucky egg

Attach your Phone to your Dog to Hatch Eggs

Okay, this one might be a little risky (and perhaps unethical). But it works. If you want help hatching that 10km egg, attach your phone to your dog before you let it run around the yard. Some people have even taped it to their ceiling fans, although I don’t know if this is enough movement to register on the step counter. In any case, you’re more likely to break your phone than hatch an egg – but it may be worth a try.

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