Update & Maintain All PC Drivers

Boost Performance and Reduce Errors Automatically

Automatic Driver Installation

24/7 Driver Management

Intelligent Driver Selection

Free Download

Automatic Driver Installation

DriverAssist scans your PC and then installs all required drivers automatically

Smart Device Recognition

Advanced algorithms help detect the appropriate PC drivers in seconds

Driver Intelligence

DriverAssist carefully chooses the best drivers for your unique hardware and software, ensuring error-free performance

Safe USB Management and Eject

Use the user-friendly interface to safely manage and eject connected devices without costly damage

Full Backup and Restore

DriverAssist backs up all your data so if your PC encounters errors, you can safely restore it to working order

Easy-to-Use Interface

No technical expertise whatsoever is required to use our software

Voted Best Driver Management Software

Intelligent driver selection is crucial for fast PC performance. Drivers help your computer’s software communicate with its hardware. DriverAssist’s intelligent driver selection leads to faster speeds and fewer errors.


Free and Easy Download

Download DriverAssist for free and try it for yourself. If you like the software and want lifetime driver updates, then upgrade to the paid subscription. Or, uninstall the software without ever entering any personal information.

Regular Cloud Updates

Hardware and software makers are constantly releasing new driver updates. DriverAssist ensures your PC never gets left behind. Regular cloud-based updates keep your PC running smoothly years into the future.