Error Code 0x80029c4a – What is it?

Error Code 0x80029c4a will often appear on your Windows system when your PC has trouble starting up a certain service. This error can occur when the service isn’t installed properly or there has been an issue with the service’s functionality and it has left your PC unsure of how to handle it. For example, there may be a chance that the service has installed twice and the PC gets stuck on which one to choose. Alternatively, the service may have been installed once but it may be that the service is missing a core component, which will cause the error code to appear.

Common symptoms include:

  • Inability to run certain services
  • Depending on the service, some programs may not run
  • Alternatively some programs may not update properly.

If you would like to fix Error Code 0x80029c4a manually, you’ll need to find the program or service that the error code is applying to. Because the error code can be caused by a vast number of different services and programs, you’ll need to pinpoint exactly what program is causing it.


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Error Causes

Like mentioned above, the main causes for Error Code 0x80029c4a are issues with the program or service that is causing the error. The service in question may have corrupt files, or it may be that there is a duplicate service installed on the system.

Further Information and Manual Repair

Unfortunately there is only one method available for solving Error Code 0x80029c4a manually. The method available takes a bit of extra user input than other error code guides. You’ll need to work out which program it is that is causing the issue and then follow the guide with that program in mind.

If you cannot resolve the issue manually, you may prefer to contact a verified Windows technician or attempt to use our tool available in method two.

Read up on how to resolve Error code 0x80029c4a below:


Method One:  Reinstall the Program in Question


If you have found that the error code is being caused when you are running a certain service or program, you will need to uninstall it and reinstall it. It may be the case that there are multiple versions of the service in question and in this case you’ll need to uninstall all versions of it. Afterwards you’ll need to install a fresh version of the service, program or driver. Because some services may cause issues with the internet after being removed, it is best to first download the files you need for installation and then remove the original version.


Method Two: Use An Automated Tool


Having trouble with fixing these kinds of Windows 10 error codes by yourself? This powerful automated tool can do all of the hard work for you.


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