Error Code 0x80070002 – What is it?

Error Code 0x80070002 will appear on your Windows PC when you attempt to install an update, but files have become corrupted or have gone missing. Whilst it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why the update files have become corrupt, it is usually quite straightforward to resolve the problem. This article will help you to fix error code 0x80070002 easily.

Common symptoms include:

  • Inability to install the latest version of Windows
  • Firewall and anti-virus may have issues staying secure
  • Other potential security risks for having an outdated version of Windows

To address error code 0x80070002, most users will be able to competently follow the steps provided below. We reckon the issue can be resolved within the hour if you follow the information provided below. Once the issue has been resolved, users can then install the latest update of Windows and continue operation without any security worries.


Download Available to Completely Repair 0x80070002 Error Code

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Error Causes

The main causes for Error Code 0x80070002 are related to an interruption to installing a Windows update. This could be caused by a sudden shut down, or an issue with your internet connection.

Further Information and Manual Repair

There are three main methods that should be used if a user would like to resolve the 0x80070002 error code manually. All three methods are standalone, so it’s important to try method 1 first, then move onto method 2 if the issue is not resolved, and then to method 3.

Whilst the error code usually appears when a Windows update file has become corrupted, it can sometimes be caused by a communication error to the Windows update servers, which can be fixed with method 1. First, attempt method 1 and then attempt to fix the issue directly with method 2 & 3.

Here are the top methods for resolving Error Code 0x80070002:


Method One:  Update your Date & Time Settings



The first method should be used to resolve the issue if you believe your date and time could be out of sync. Follow the steps provided below to sync your time with Microsoft’s servers and re-attempt the Windows update.

On Windows Xp/7:

  • Click on the date/time box in the top right corner
  • Click ‘date and time settings’
  • Click the administrator icon for ‘Change date and time’
  • Click the ‘Internet Time’ tab and sync with
  • Next, make sure you’ve selected the right time zone for your country
  • Restart your PC

On Windows 8/10:

  • Click on the date/time box in the top right corner
  • Click ‘date and time settings’
  • First, make sure ‘set time automatically’ to switch the feature off
  • Now click the switch to turn ‘set time automatically’ on
  • Restart your PC


Method Two:  Use Windows Fix it



It is likely that method one will only work in specific cases where the time has become unsynchronized with the Microsoft servers. Method two is a quick fix for anybody who cannot resolve the issue with method one. For this method, search Google for ‘Windows Update error “0x80070002” or “0x80070003″‘ and open the first link available. From here, scroll down the page and look for the section related to your version of Windows. Look for blue ‘run’ button for your version of Windows and click run.

A fix it tool will run on your PC to resolve the issue.


Method Three:  Resolve the Issue Manually


If method two cannot be used on your system you must resolve the issue manually. To resolve the issue, follow the steps provided below.

1: Stop Windows Update

  • Visit the Control Panel
    Use the search box and search for ‘administrative tools’
    Click ‘Administrative Tools’ in the search reuslts
    Double-click Services
    Locate the Windows Update service
    Once you have located it, right click the service and click stop

2: Delete temporary update files

  • Open file explorer/windows explorer
    Double-click the default hard drive which Windows is installed to
    Open the Windows folder
    Open the DataStore folder
    Delete all files and folders in the DataStore folder
    Click the back button on the Windows Explorer tool bar
    Open the SoftwareDistribution folder
    Open the Download folder
    Delete all the files in the download folder

3: Restart Windows Update

  • Next, open Administrative Tools from the Control Panel again
    Double-click Services
    Locate the Windows Update service
    Once you have located it, right click the service and click Start

4: Final Step

  • Open the Control Panel
    Click Programs
    Click View installed updates under Programs and Features
    Delete the temporary update files shown on-screen
    Restart your PC


Method Four: Use An Automated Tool


If you’d rather have a utitlity tool at your disposal that can resolves issues similar to error code 0x80070002, you can download and install a powerful automated tool.


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