Error Code 0x800F0922 – What is it?

Error Code 0x800F0922 is an error that can relate to recent .NET framework installations. When installing a new version .NET framework, issues can usually crop up that can cause the error code to appear. Typically this issue has been reported on Windows 8, but if you’re having the error on another version of Windows, you may want to follow the information below as well.

Common symptoms include:

  • .NET Framework cannot be installed
  • Content that needs .NET Framework will not be
  • Inability to use certain commands in certain programs

If you receive the 0x800F0922 Error Code, you may be able to fix it by using one of the methods listed below. If you attempt to fix the issue manually, you’ll need to resolve the issue by following one of the methods below. Alternatively we have a simple solution below that should not require any manual fixes.


Download Available to Completely Repair 0x800F0922 Error Code

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Error Causes

There are two main causes for Error Code 0x800F0922. Either your PC has .NET framework disabled completely or there may be an issue with recent problems with your Windows 8 PC that need to be resolved. Fortunately these issues can be fixed with a bit of troubleshooting.

Further Information and Manual Repair

We’ve found two major fixes for Error Code 0x800F0922. One method will help you to ensure that your version of .NET Framework is enabled, whilst the other method will help you to fix any issues that may be preventing the software from installing properly on your PC.

If you believe that your PC may be unable to use .NET Framework because it has been disabled, we would suggest following Method One below. If you find that .NET Framework is turned on or you’d like to try another method, we would suggest viewing Method Two.

Here are the top methods for addressing Error Code 0x800F0922:


Method One:  Enable Microsoft .NET Framework


Sometimes .NET Framework can be disabled by a user, an external program or the operating system. You can enable it quite easily by following the steps we have provided below. If you follow these steps you’ll be able to ensure that .NET Framework is enabled permanently.

  • Open Control Panel from the Start Menu
  • Search for ‘Windows Features’
  • Click ‘Turn Windows Features on or Off’
  • Scroll down and search for any .NET Framework folders
  • Make sure all folders are enabled by checking the boxes
  • Once confirmed, press the OK button


Method Two:  Resolve Problems and Recent Messages


If after following Method One you are still receiving the 0x800F0922 Error Code, you may need to follow our guide further by resolving any problems and recent system messages on your PC. By following this guide you’ll be able to confirm that your operating system is tuned up and ready to install .NET Framework successfully. Follow the steps below to resolve these issues.

  • Open Control Panel from the Start Menu
  • Click ‘System and Security’
  • Click ‘Action Center’
  • Click ‘Review recent messages and resolve problems’
  • If you have any warnings here, use the on-screen options to resolve them
  • This may involve turning on security features or firewall settings
  • Next, follow Method One through again to ensure that Microsoft .NET Framework is turned on
  • You should now be able to install .NET Framework without any error codes


Method Three: Use An Automated Tool


If you cannot manage to resolve the issue manually, you may prefer to use an automated tool that can resolve issues such as Error Code 0x800F0922. You can download and install a tool that can help with Windows errors here.


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