Error Code 0x803f7001 – What is it?

Error Code 0x80070032 will appear on your Windows 10 PC when a you attempt to enter a license key to activate Windows 10 officially. It is very important that your product key is legitimate and unactivated, or alternatively, it is the original product key that you used before upgrading to Windows 10. For example, if you purchased a Windows 8 laptop and then upgraded to Windows 10 for free, the product key you will need will be the product key you received with your laptop. The same applies for a pre-installed PC or a product key you purchased for a PC that you self-built.

Common symptoms include:

  • Watermark will appear on your screen at all times
  • Certain Windows features may be unavailable until activation
  • Windows background will be replaced with an empty black image

It is very simple to resolve the 0x803f7001 error code. There are a number of methods to ensure you have entered your product key in correctly, and if you haven’t, you may be able to resolve the issue by talking to Microsoft customer support. In the case where your product key may be invalid, you may need to bring the issue up with the company you purchased the product key from.


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Error Causes

There are three main error causes for error code 0x803f7001. The first cause is a user error – you may have accidentally entered the wrong product key. Alternatively, your product key may not be an official key that hasn’t been used for Windows 10 in the past. Finally, there may be an issue with your specific key that can be resolved via Microsoft tech support.

Further Information and Manual Repair

If you would like to resolve error code 0x803f7001 manually, you will need to resolve the issue by following one of the methods shown below. There are three main methods available for resolving this issue, and they’re very straightforward. If you are struggling with the process, you may want to consider contacting Microsoft, or alternatively, a licenced Windows technician

Here are the top methods for addressing Error Code 0x803f7001:


Method One:  Re-enter your Product Key


Before following any other methods, make sure that the key you are entering is in fact entered correctly. This is as simple as checking over the key and entering it into the product activation field. If you are sure your key has been entered correctly, there may be other issues.

Firstly, if your product key has already been used on another machine to upgrade to Windows 10, you will no longer be able to use the key. In this case, you will need to purchase a new activation key, or simply make do with the current restrictions.


Method Two: Contact The Key Supplier


If you recently purchased a product key and it is showing up as invalid, the first thing you should do after ensuring that the key has been entered correctly is contact your key supplier. You will need to find contact information for the business you purchased the key from, or if you purchased the key from Microsoft directly, you should follow method 3. If you purchased the key from a third party, hopefully the business will be able to provide you with a valid key as a replacement.


Method Three:  Download and Install Windows System Updates


If you are sure that the product key should be working, or you purchased the key from Windows and it still isn’t working, you will need to contact the Microsoft support team. Microsoft’s support will be able to help you with your issue and they should be able to resolve the incorrect product key issue. Once you have spoken to Microsoft, the 0x803f7001 error code should no longer appear.

Method Four: Use An Automated Tool


There are always going to be the occasional hiccup with operating systems such as Windows 10, so if you’d like to have a tool at hand that can resolve issues for you, you may be interested enough to download and install a powerful automated tool.


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