Finding Rare Pokemon is Easy Thanks to Online Pokemon Go Maps

Finding Rare Pokemon is Easy Thanks to Online Pokemon Go Maps

Pokemon Go’s world is as big as our own world. Finding your way in that world can be difficult. That’s why many people have started to create Pokemon maps online. These maps list Pokemon that have been caught or seen in various locations around the world.

More intense maps are starting to list gyms and PokeStops.

Today, we’re helping you become a Pokemon Go master by outlining the best maps to use to find Pokemon through Pokemon Go.


PokeVision is a relative newcomer to the world of Pokemon Go maps (which means it came out within the last 2 weeks instead of the last 3 weeks). With PokeVision, you can type your address into the site and view a map showing the exact location of nearby Pokemon.

Amazingly, you can even see a clock counting down how long that Pokemon is going to be at the location.

PokeVision isn’t perfect. The website has some responsiveness issues. Sometimes, the map won’t load. Other times, it takes a ridiculously long time for Pokemon data to load.

The cool thing with PokeVision is that it taps into the Pokemon Go servers – so it’s not relying on crowdsourced data that may or may not be accurate.

The main restriction with PokeVision is that users are limited to one search every 30 seconds. The site is under heavy load, so they had to do something. Nevertheless, PokeVision is an early leader in the world of Pokemon Go maps.

Poke Radar

Poke Radar is another early frontrunner in the competitive Pokemon Go mapping world. Poke Radar is currently the number two most popular app on the iTunes App Store (an Android app is reportedly in development).

If you don’t have an iOS device, then the online map works perfectly fine.

However, like PokeVision, Poke Radar is running into some serious server problems early on. You’ll probably have trouble accessing map data. Another restriction with the browser version is that you can’t add Pokemon from your desktop – you need to do it from your mobile device.

Anthony Negron Pokemon Go Map

Out of all the Pokemon Go maps listed here, this was the only one that has consistently worked every time I loaded it up. Unfortunately, it uses crowd-sourced data – so it’s not well-populated outside of big cities.

anthony negron

Nevertheless, I really like this Pokemon Go map. Instead of using the same boring Google Maps theme and colors, it tricks out the map with some genuine Pokemon-style aesthetics.

The map is quickly becoming populated in big cities, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding at least some information if you live in a city with more than, say, 250,000 people.

You can check out the map here:

Your Local Pokemon Subreddit

Pokemon Go subreddits are popping up for locations all over the world. Typically, these are the best places to talk to other people nearby and start sharing where you found nearby Pokemon.

The more industrious subreddits have actually started to create their own Google Maps, complete with PokeStop and gym information for your local area. Sometimes, these maps are just a layer on a Google Maps entry. In other cases, independent developers have created their own platforms.

pokemon go boston

Until Pokemon Go maps become more complete, your best bet is to search for your city, region, or town + Pokemon Go on Reddit. You might be surprised by how active the community is – especially when it comes to alerting people about rare Pokemon that appeared in the area.

Obviously, those who are in larger cities will have an easier time finding a local subreddit. You’re mostly out of luck in smaller towns.

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