How to Disable Location Tracking in Windows 10

How to Disable Location Tracking in Windows 10

You’ve probably heard that Windows 10 comes with some privacy concerns. One of the biggest privacy concerns about Windows 10 is its location tracking, which tells your PC where you are at all times.

Some people find that useful. Your PC can automatically tell you the weather of your vacation destination as soon as you arrive, for example.

But other people don’t find it useful at all: they find it creepy.

If you don’t like the idea of your Windows 10 PC knowing where you are at all times, then consider turning off location tracking. Today, we’re going to show you exactly how to do that on your Windows 10 PC.

How to Disable Location Tracking on your Windows 10 PC

Step 1) Click on the Start Menu or press the Microsoft icon on your keyboard

Step 2) Look for the Settings button (three buttons up from the bottom) or type in Settings

Step 3) Click on Privacy (it’s the one with the big padlock)

Step 4) Click on Location

Step 5) Toggle the On switch to Off

This instantly disables location tracking for your personal user account.

If you want to prevent location tracking across your entire Windows 10 PC, then follow these steps from the same menu listed above:

Step 6) Click on the Change button

Step 7) Toggle the On switch to Off

Ultimately, Windows 10’s location tracking isn’t a malicious feature, and it’s not like Microsoft is selling your location data to the authorities. However, if the feeling of someone tracking your location makes you nervous, then follow the steps above to fix your location tracking in Windows 10.

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