Error Code 0x80073712 – What is it?

Error Code 0x80073712 can be caused when the files that are needed for the Windows Update service become corrupted. Whilst it is extremely hard to pinpoint exactly why the files have been corrupted, it is fairly straightforward to replace all of the nessacary files at once so that normal operation can continue. However, without resolving the error, your PC will have a number of issues.

Common symptoms include:

  • Inability to update to the latest version of Windows
  • Outdated versions of Windows are more at risk of virus infections and malware

Whilst it is unlikely that you’ll be able to pinpoint the exact cause of Error Code 0x80073712, there are a number of Windows tools available for you that can be used to fix the error.


Download Available to Completely Repair 0x80073712 Error Code

Recommended: Download the Automatic Repair Utility to correct this and other PC performance issues.

Error Causes

The main cause for Error Code 0x80073712 is a corrupt file within the Windows operating system. As a result the Windows Update service will not be able to run as normal and this will cause the error code to appear.

Further Information and Manual Repair

There are a number of options available to you if you would like to attempt to fix Error Code 0x80073712 manually. All of the available methods for manual repair require you to use an official Microsoft product, whether it is an online file checker tool or the original installation disk for Windows repair.

We’d suggest with starting on Method One, and then attempting Method Two. If neither of these two methods work, you should backup your data and perform Method Three.


Method One:  Use the Windows File Checker Tool


You can find a tool on the website that can be used to fix a number of problems with your Windows operating system. The tool will check your PC for any missing or corrupt files. To find the tool, search for 957310 in the search bar on the Microsoft support website and run the available tool.


Method Two: Upgrade With Windows Installation



For this next step you will need the Windows installation CD at hand. Once you have the CD, insert it into your PC, search for ‘This PC’ in the Start Menu and run the .exe file in the CD. Once the CD is running, go through the installation process but make sure to choose the option to upgrade. DO NOT choose the option to install at this point – choosing install will erase your data.


Method Three:  Do a Fresh Install of Windows


In the chance of a failure with the method listed above, your next option would be to do a clean install of Windows. Once again you’ll need the Windows installation CD. However, this time you’ll need to run the CD and choose the option to install Windows. By choosing this option your PC’s previous data will be overwritten. If you’d like to keep your data, make sure to do a full backup before continuing with this method.


Method Four: Use An Automated Tool


If you’d like to have a tool at hand that could resolve plenty of these issues, then your best bet may be to use an automated tool. If you are interested, you can download and install the powerful automated tool here.


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