Error Code 0x800B0100 – What is it?

When you attempt to install Windows updates or your PC automatically installs updates, an error can occur that can cause Error Code 0x800B0100. This code is only found when your installed Windows updates or the Windows update tool has become corrupted. The exact cause for the corrupted files can vary but the overall fix usually involves correcting a few settings or using a tool provided online.

Common symptoms include:

  • Inability to update to the latest Windows updates
  • Potential security threats for being on outdated version of Windows
  • Future Windows updates cannot be downloaded

To resolve Error Code 0x800B0100, users will be forced to fix the corrupt files by using a fix-it tool available on the Microsoft website. Alternatively users can use another method that involves fixing corrupt .dll files that reside on the user’s PC.


Download Available to Completely Repair 0x800B0100 Error Code

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Error Causes

The major error causes for Error Code 0x800B0100 involve past issues with your PC whilst Windows updates were installing or when the Windows operating system was installed for the first time. For example, if your Windows PC is switched off whilst an update is installing, files can be corrupted and the error code can start to appear.

Further Information and Manual Repair

Whilst there are automated tools to help you resolve Error Code 0x800B0100 quickly, you can also resolve the issue manually. In this section we have listed a number of methods to help you resolve Error Code 0x800B0100.

Method One is available for anybody interested in fixing the issue manually, whilst the following methods are automated options that require little user input. If you get stuck on any of these methods, you may want to consider contacting a certified Windows technician to ask for help.

Here are the main methods for addressing Error Code 0x800B0100:

Method One:  Manually resolve .dll issues

To fix the issue manually you will need to follow the steps we have provided below. This will potentially allow your corrupted .dll files to be fixed.

  • Open the Control Panel
  • Search for ‘Run’ and open the ‘Run’ program
  • Type ‘regsvr32 wintrust.dll /s’ and press Enter
  • Next, search for ‘CMD’ in the Run program
  • In the CMD window, type ‘net stop cryptsvc’ and press enter
  • Next Open the ‘Run’ program again
  • This time enter ‘ren %systemroot%\system32\catroot2 oldcatroot2’
  • Next, re-open the CMD window and type ‘net start cryptsvc’
  • You should now be able to install the Windows Update


Method Two:  Auto-Fix With Microsoft Fix-It Tools

If Error Code 0x800B0100 cannot be resolved by the issue above, you will need to look into fixing the issue with the Microsoft Fix-It Tools. These tools can be found online and can be used for free. To use the Fix-It tools for this specific error code, follow the steps below.

  • Search Google for ‘Error 0x800B0100 when you try to install Windows Updates’
  • Click the first Microsoft support link in the search results
  • Scroll down and look for the category for your operating system
  • Click the blue ‘run now’ button underneath the Fix-It logo
  • Let the Fix-It tool run
  • You should now be able to install Windows Updates


Method Four: Use An Automated Tool


There are other automated tools that can be used to resolve issues such as Error Code Error 0x800B0100. These tools can also be used to fix other similar issues. If you would like to use another tool besides the Windows Fix-It tool, you can download and install it here.

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