How to Easily Fix Windows Error Code 28

Windows Error Code 28 – What is it?

Windows Error Code 28 appears when you attempt to use a device or hardware on your PC but the driver for the device is missing from your operating system. When this error occurs you will not be able to use your device until you find and install the correct driver for your device. There are a number of reasons why the error code may have appeared and if you had previously used the device without issues, attempting to pinpoint the error cause can be even more difficult.

Common symptoms include:

  • Inability to use a specific device or hardware
  • Windows may not recognize your device at all
  • If device functionality is available, it may have issues or not work correctly

To resolve Windows Error Code 28 a user will need to attempt to install the correct drivers for their device. In some instances, a PC may already have the correct drivers and they may simply need to be refreshed or updated. Drivers can be refreshed with a simple PC restart, whilst updating drivers requires a user to visit the device manager tool. Alternatively a user may need to use another method to install the driver.


Download Available to Completely Repair Windows Error Code 28

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Error Causes

Windows Error Code 28 will appear when Windows cannot find a driver for a particular device or hardware. Sometimes this is because the driver has not been installed, or in other cases it’s because the driver is not up to date.

Further Information and Manual Repair

If you are receiving Windows Error Code 28, you will need to follow the steps below to manually resolve the issue. There are a number of methods listed here that could potentially fix the issue for you. If you have used the device successfully in the past with the PC you are receiving the error code on, we’d suggest trying Method One and Method Two. If you’ve never used this device before on this PC or if the previous two methods do not work, you should attempt to follow Method Three.

Here are the top methods for resolving Windows Error Code 28


Method One:  Restart Your PC


Method One is a simple fix that can sometimes resolve any issues that may have temporarily causes problems with your device or hardware. Whilst this may not be a definite fix, it’s simple to do and always worth trying first. Simply unplug your device, switch off your PC and switch it back on again. Once it switches back on, plug the device back in and it may now start to work.


Method Two:  Update Drivers


The next method available for a DIY fix involves updating your drivers. There are two ways available for doing this. We’d suggest trying each method listed below, starting with the first one.

  • Open the Start Menu and Search for ‘Device Manager’
  • In Device Manager search for the device that isn’t operating correctly
  • If you can find it, right click it and click properties
  • In the properties window, click the driver tab and click Update Driver…
  • Choose to automatically search for a driver
  • Hopefully Windows will be able to find a driver. If it can it should install and your device will be able to be operated correctly

If you cannot spot your device in the device manager menu, you will need to try an alternative method. For this, follow the steps listed below.

  • Open the Start Menu
  • Search for and open ‘Update Device Drivers’
  • In the device manager window, click the ‘Search icon’ on the toolbar at the top. (It should be tagged ‘Search for hardware changes’ when you hover over it)
  • Hopefully the device page should refresh and you should now be able to follow the steps listed in the first method above.


Method Three:  Download the Driver Online


If the methods listed above do not work, you may need to search for the correct drivers online. You will need to find the product or model number of your hardware and search for it’s drivers via Google. In most cases the manufacturer will supply drivers for their products on their website. You should be able to download these drivers for free. Make sure to only go through the manufacturer websites to ensure you are downloading the official drivers.


Method Four: Use An Automated Tool


Alternatively you could download and install a powerful automated tool that can resolve error codes such as Windows Error Code 28. This tool can help you out of plenty of frustrating situations whenever error codes or system errors occur.


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