Error Code 0x490 – What is it?

Seeing Error Code 0x490 on your PC after bootup can make your heart drop. It can be extremely frustrating to deal with but there are solutions to help you resolve the error. Error Code 0x490 usually appears on your PC after an issue with your Windows installation has stopped the PC from being able to boot properly.

Common symptoms include:

  • Inability to log into Windows
  • No permanent solution without a repair disk
  • Windows data could potentially become corrupt

The primary methods available for resolving Error Code 0x490 are easy to follow through with. However, users will need some resources, such as a Windows installation disk, or repair software, to fix the issue. If you’re not up for the task, or don’t require the expertise to solve the error code on your own, you may prefer to get in touch with a qualified Windows repair technician that can help you.


Download Available to Completely Repair 0x490 Error Code

Recommended: Download the Automatic Repair Utility to correct this and other PC performance issues.

Error Causes

It’s sometimes hard to pinpoint the exact cause of Error Code 0x490 but it’s usually due some kind of error during the initial installation of Windows. It may be that your PC had a system interruption or your  installation disk or CD drive may be damaged.

Further Information and Manual Repair

Unless you are willing to purchase repair software, there may only be one available method to resolve the Windows Error Code. This method does require you to own an installation disk of the Windows version you are currently using. For example, if you’d like to repair Windows 10, you’ll need the Windows 10 installation disk.

Read Method One below to learn how to resolve Error Code 0x490:


Method One:  Run Startup Repair


Error Code 0x490 can unfortunately only be repaired by running Windows Startup Repair via the installation disk. First, you’ll need to insert the Windows installation disk and then switch off your PC. The next step will be to restart your PC and press any button on your keyboard when prompted to do so. The Windows installation page will now appear, but instead of clicking Install Now, click the option below to ‘Repair your Computer.’ On the next step you can choose which operating system you’d like to repair – if you’re running two operating systems, make sure to choose the correct one. After that, click on Startup Repair. The Repair process will now start automatically – this process may take some time. Once the repair process has completed, your PC should restart. From now on your PC should boot without the 0x490 Error Code.


Method Two: Use An Automated Tool


Looking for an easy way out of these frustrating error codes and Windows system errors? A utility too; can be used to fix Windows 10 errors like Error Code 0x490. You can learn more about it here.


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