Error Code 0x80070002 – What is it?

Error Code 0x80070002 occurs when your Windows PC attempts to install a new Windows update but fails. The reason it fails is usually due to an error between you and Microsoft or an issue with your Windows update files.

Common symptoms include:

  • Inability to update Windows
  • Future updates will not download
  • PC may become less secure

The methods to address Error Code 0x80070002 vary. The method a user can use will depend on the exact cause of the error. Fortunately it’s fairly easy to resolve the issue single handedly and there are also tools available to make the process far easier. Certified Windows technicians can also help to fix issues like this so you may consider hiring a technician if you cannot solve the issue yourself.


Download Available to Completely Repair 0x80070002 Error Code

Recommended: Download the Automatic Repair Utility to correct this and other PC performance issues.

Error Causes

There are two main causes for Error Code 0x80070002. The first is due to an incorrect date and time being displayed on your PC, which can prevent updates from Windows for security reasons. The second is due to file corruption or general issues with the Windows update that has been downloaded.

Further Information and Manual Repair

There are two major methods available for solving Error Code 0x80070002. Both methods available should help you to solve the problem, but you may only need to use one method.

If you believe that your date or time may be incorrect, you can resolve the issue with Method One. Alternatively, Method Two is available for those that have the correct date and time and are still dealing with Error Code 0x80070002.

Here are the top methods for addressing Error Code 0x80070002:


Method One:  Correct Your Date and Time


An incorrect date and time can prevent Windows updates from downloading or installing. As a result, it’s always important that your device is running on actual time. For this, you’ll need to be connected to the internet and you’ll need to follow the steps below.

  • First, click the date/time at the bottom right of the task bar
  • A pop-up Window will open, click on ‘Change date and time settings…’
  • Another window will open, click the ‘Internet Time’ tab
  • Click the administrator icon for ‘Change Settings…’
  • Ensure the ‘Synchronise with an Internet time server’ option is ticked
  • Choose into the ‘Server’ drop down box
  • Click Update Now


Method Two:  Fix Your Windows Update Files


If the method above does not work or if you have already set your time to the correct time frame, you will need to fix your Windows Update files via the Microsoft website. To do this, search Google for ‘Windows Update Error Code 0x80070002 and click the first support.Microsoft link that appears.

Scroll down the page and click ‘Run now’ for your corresponding Windows version. This should repair your Windows Update files and fix the issue completely.




Method Three: Use An Automated Tool


Windows is a complicated system and there are often many issues that can occur. Whilst solving the issues yourself is possible, you prefer to download and install a powerful automated tool that can resolve issues for Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows 10 for you.


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