Error Code 0x80070422 – What is it?

Error Code 0x80070422 is a code that often occurs when there is an issue between you and the Windows Update servers. Usually this error can be caused due to communication problems with your own network, problems with Microsoft’s servers (although unlikely) or sometimes errors within your operating system that can be resolved. When you receive this error code you may have to edit the Windows Update server settings to fix it.

Common symptoms include:

  • Windows updates not available
  • Windows updates won’t install or download
  • Inability to access the Windows Update Server

Whilst Error Code 0x80070422 may sound worrying, it is actually very easy to fix. Fortunately the methods for resolving the error code are easy for most computer users to understand. Most computer users shouldn’t have a problem with following the steps to resolve the error. However, if the problem still persists, or if you’re struggling to follow the resolution steps, you may find it more convenient to contact a certified Windows repair technician, or find more information from Microsoft.


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Error Causes

The major causes for Error Code 0x80070422 are related to communication issues between you and the Windows Update service servers. These causes can include an improper installation of Windows, viruses, or even missing or damaged Windows files.

Further Information and Manual Repair

There are four basic methods that users can try in order to resolve Error Code 0x80070422 on their Windows PC.  All four of the methods are easy to follow, although one method will require a fresh install of Windows. In this case, users are advised to backup their files.

Besides this, the first three methods do not require a re-install or any loss of data. Users should start with step one and proceed to the following step if the previous step does not resolve the Windows Update issue. If you do not feel you are capable enough to resolve this issue on your own, you could hire a Windows certified repair technician.

If you believe your PC may have a virus, you should refer to step 3.

Here are the top methods for addressing Error Code 0x80070422:


Method One:  Install the Windows Update Troubleshooter


If you believe Error Code 0x80070422 is not something you can fix by reinstalling Windows or think it may be on Windows’ end, you may want to install the Windows Update Troubleshooter program from the Microsoft website. If you use this troubleshooter, the program will tell you whether it was successful or not in its attempt to resolve the Windows Update issue.


Method Two:  Restart Windows Update with Administrator


Sometimes Error Code 0x80070422 can be caused simply because the Windows Update stopped responding or was closed down by another application or user. If you believe that this may be the case, you can attempt to resolve the issue within the Windows control panel. First, make sure you are logged into a user with administrative access – this is usually the PC owner’s user profile.

To start, open the Control Panel by pressing the Start button and then clicking Control Panel. From here, type administrative tools in the search bar and click the corresponding result that appears. Once opened, double click the Services option.

Click the ‘Name’ column to re-organize the items in the list to reverse alphabetical order and then search for Windows Update. Right click Windows Update and click properties. Next, click the General tab, find Startup Type and ensure Automatic is the chosen method. Now, look for Service Status. If the service has not started, click the Start button on this window. You may need to enter an administrator password here if the user has a password on their account.


Method Three:  Run an Anti-Virus Scan


If neither of the above methods work, you can attempt to run a virus scan to see if a virus is causing the issue. If you do not have an anti-virus, you can download one from the internet for free. AVG, Avast and Malwarebytes are all available for free. Once you have downloaded and/or opened your anti-virus, run a full virus scan. The scan may take up to a few hours to complete.

Once completed, restart your PC and assess whether the issue has been resolved.


Method Four: Reinstall Windows

To reinstall Windows you must own a Windows installation disc or a USB flash drive with the Windows installation on it. First, insert your CD or USB flash drive. Next, locate Control Panel in the Start menu. From the Control Panel, search for Recovery.

On this page, you’ll be given the option to reinstall Windows 7 with the provided CD or USB flash drive. If this method does not work, or you’re unsure about performing any of these methods, you may want to attempt to use the method listed below.


Method Five: Use An Automated Tool


If you wish to always have at your disposal a utility tool to fix these Windows 10 and other related issues when they do arise, download and install a powerful automated tool.


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