Error Code 80240020 – What is it?

Error Code 80240020 often appears during an upgrade to Windows 10. The error code will appear when the upgrade fails to completely successfully. Whilst there may not be any issues on your end, the problem could have occurred due to a corrupted download or another issue which can be resolved by reinstalling the Windows 10 updates. Unfortunately there is no way to resolve the downloaded files you already own.

Common symptoms include:

  • Windows 10 Can’t Install
  • Errors When Trying to Upgrade to Windows 10

There are a few methods available to resolve Error Code 80240020 and most of them are very straightforward. Whilst the issue can be resolved manually by yourself, there are also methods that are available for you if you feel like you need some assistance. For example, you may consider hiring a qualified Windows repair technician to assist you.


Download Available to Completely Repair 80240020 Error Code

Recommended: Download the Automatic Repair Utility to correct this and other PC performance issues.

Error Causes

Error Code 80240020 is caused by one single issue. The error code is displayed during an upgrade when the Windows 10 upgrade files become corrupted. The files can be corrupted when an issue with your PC interrupts the initial download. Issues like interruptions in network connection or a hard reset that may have been caused by a loss of power.

Further Information and Manual Repair

There is one simple way to resolve Error Code 80240020 manually. If you’d like to resolve the issue you will need to uninstall your corrupted update files so that your version of Windows can reinstall them successfully. 

To fix Error Code 80240020, please follow the methods listed below:


Method One:  Reinstall Windows 10 Upgrade Files


To reinstall the upgrade files for Windows 10 you will first need to delete the files so that they can be downloaded again. To delete the files, first visit C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download. Next, delete all of the content you find in the folder mentioned above. Once you have deleted everything in this folder, reboot your PC.

Once your PC has restarted, visit Windows Update and search for updates. Your PC should now be able to install the Windows 10 upgrade files.


Method Four: Use An Automated Tool


If you would like to fix errors like Error Code 80240020, you may prefer to install a utility tool that can resolve issues like these automatically. If this interests, you can download and install a powerful automated tool here.


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