Windows Error Code 651 – What is it?

Windows Error Code 651 is command that will appear when an error has occurred when Windows fails to create a PPPoE connection. This error code is most often seen whilst going through the Windows PPPoE wizard. Whilst it may be frustrating at first, it is quite easy to fix. The source can sometimes be on your end, due to your hardware or even an error with your modem.

Common symptoms include:

  • Inability to connect to the internet
  • Inability to connect to other devices in the network
  • Failure to complete the Windows PPPoE wizard

To solve Windows Error Code 651, there are a number of troubleshooting methods to follow. It’s often hard to pinpoint the cause of the Error Code but with a bit of trial and error you’ll be able to solve the problem fairly quickly.


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Error Causes

The main causes for Windows Error Code 651 are related to issues with your networking hardware or a failure during the PPPoE setup process.

Further Information and Manual Repair

The methods below will take you through all of your troubleshooting options. Start on Method One and continue through the methods until you have resolved the issue. If you cannot resolve the problem, there are certified Windows technicians that can help solve the issue for you.

Here are the top methods for addressing Windows Error Code 651:


Method One:  Ensure Your Modem is Connected Properly

If your modem is connected properly, you should see a solid light coming from the ADSL indicator on your modem. There should be a number of lights flashing on your modem. If you cannot understand which light is for which, it may be best to refer to your modem’s manual or to contact your internet service provider for further help. If your ADSL indicator is not a solid color, or is flashing, please restart your modem and give it 10 minutes to restart.

If the problem is not resolved, there may be other errors with your modem. For example, the internet indicator may be flashing red instead of green. For all of these issues, you will need to refer to your modem user manual or contact your ISP for help. You should be able to solve the issue by following guides within your modem user manual, but if not your ISP customer service can help guide you through the setup process.


Method Two:  Set Up a New PPPoE Connection


Windows Error Code 651 can appear when a PPPoE connection is not set up correctly. If you believe your connection may not have been set up correctly in the past, you can set up a new connection. Once you’ve set a new connection, it’s advised to delete your previous non-working connection.

To create a new connection, search for Control Panel in the Start Menu. In the Control Panel, click Network and Internet, then View Network Status and Tasks. Next click ‘Set Up a New Connection or Network.’ Choose ‘Connect to the Internet,’ then ‘Broadband (PPPoE).’ Type in the information that has been provided from your ISP in the following text fields. Make sure to triple check this information before clicking connect.


Method Three:  Update rasppoe.sys files


If you’re still having issues with this process, you may need to update your rasppoe.sys file and update your drivers. To do this, search for an updated raspppoe.sys file on the internet to download. (Use a device that can connect to the internet) Alternatively, copy the file from another PC. You can find it by searching for it in ‘My Computer.’ Save a backup of the original file and then paste the new file into C:\Windows\System32\Drivers.

Next, attempt to reconnect to your modem.


Method Four: Temporarily Disable Anti-Virus


It could be possible that your anti-virus may be causing a conflict. If you believe this to be the case and would like to fix Windows Error Code 651, open your anti-virus software and visit the settings page. Your anti-virus may differ slightly, but search for an option to temporarily disable anti-virus and firewall for an hour.

Next,search for and open ‘Windows Firewall with Advanced Security’ in the Start Menu. Once opened, click Windows Firewall, and then click off. Check to see if you can now connect to your modem. If this works, make sure to reconnect your Firewall and anti-virus before continuing.


Method Five: Restart Everything


Still not working? If you’re still dealing with Error Code 651 or any other problems related to the PPPoE connection wizard, please switch off your modem, router and PC. Next, unplug all Ethernet cables that are currently connect to your modem, router and PC. Next, reconnect the Ethernet cables and ensure all cables are connected and that no cables are damaged. Now switch on your PC and give it five minutes to boot up. After that, switch on your modem, wait five minutes for it to start up and then switch on your router.

Once you have done this, attempt to connect via the PPPoE wizard by following Method Two again.


Method Six: Use An Automated Tool


To avoid being locked out of your Windows PC due to problems such as Error Code 651, you may consider a utility tool that can be ready and available to fix issues like these as soon as they arise. If you are interested, you can download and install a powerful automated tool that can help resolve problems automatically.


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