How to easily uTorrentBar Toolbar

uTorrentBar Toolbar – What is it?

uTorrentBar Toolbar is a PuP – Potentially Unwanted Program.  PuP’s are applications that the vast majority of users uninstall. The reasons are varied, but they can be due to slow computer performance, undesired functionality, and bundled installations from free software downloads. uTorrentBar Toolbar has been categorized by our tool as a PuP for these reasons.


uTorrentBar Toolbar usually launches at start time, and may present itself in your start menu and start bar. You can attempt you uninstall manually, but the ideal method is to use our tool. It easily detects and removes uTorrentBar Toolbar.

uTorrentBar Toolbar – What it looks like


uTorrentBar Toolbar Removal Tool available for download

Recommended: Download the Automatic Repair Utility to correct this and other PC performance issues.

Video Tutorial on how to remove uTorrentBar Toolbar

uTorrentBar Toolbar removal steps

Step 1: Download Malware Removal Tool

We suggest removing uTorrentBar Toolbar with a malware removal tool to speed up the removal process. Some applications don’t like to be removed and make you jump through extra hoops with confusing warning messages and dialog.



Step 2: Launch Malware Removal Tool and Start a Scan




Step 3: Verify detection of uTorrentBar Toolbar

Once uTorrentBar Toolbar has been detected, you will be able to select it for removal. One selected you may click the “Next” button. This will the cleanup process for removal.




Step 4: Restart your PC

Once the removal of uTorrentBar Toolbar completes you will be given the option to restart your machine to finish the removal process. Click “Restart”



Step 5:

Once logging back into windows very that uTorrentBar Toolbar is no longer visible in your start menu, desktop, or taskbar.




Total Downloads: 712,675

Download Size: 7.4mb

Download Time: (dsl/cable: 3sec; dialup: 2min)

How to easily remove any Application


Download and Install


Click the “Scan” button


Once the scan completes, click “Fix All” to repair errors