How to Login to your Windows 10 PC Using an iPhone

How to Login to your Windows 10 PC Using an iPhone

It’s 2016, and we can finally log into our Windows computers using an iPhone as verification.

It’s true! Thanks to an upcoming Windows 10 update, you will be able to verify your identity using a wide range of methods – including iPhones and other mobile devices. You can also unlock your device with a fingerprint, iris scan, face detection, pattern, and more.

Microsoft specifically mentioned the iPhone at its Ignite conference this past week. At that conference, Microsoft described how iPhone users could use specific RSA SecurID authenticator tools on their devices in order to unlock Windows 10 PCs.

What does that mean in layman’s terms? It means you can use gesture detection on your connected iPhone to log yourself into Windows 10. If your iPhone is connected to a trusted wireless network, then the iPhone’s authentication tools can automatically unlock your Windows 10 PC.

Step by Step Guide

Open your Start Menu and type in Windows Hello. You should see different authentication options available.

iPhone support is not yet available on Windows 10. However, Microsoft has demonstrated that it is possible and it could be coming in the near future. We’ll update this section with a specific step by step guide once the update is released.

Until then, there are third party solutions you can use to unlock your computer using your phone. Rohos is one popular software option that lets you unlock a Windows or Mac computer using any smartphone. You basically just install the Rohos software on your PC, then connect your phone to the PC through the network.

As you can see, this is a bit of an annoying solution. The future Windows 10 update should make unlocking your computer with an iPhone – or any mobile device – significantly easier.

Stay tuned to our PC blog to learn when Microsoft releases the iPhone authentication update in the future!

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