Microsoft Could Announce an All-in-One Surface Desktop System This Week

Microsoft Could Announce an All-in-One Surface Desktop System This Week

Microsoft is holding a press event on October 26. Rumors are flying across the internet. What will Microsoft announce? Should you care?

Some of the biggest news from the event could be the release of an all-in-one Surface desktop system. Microsoft could be bringing the Surface brand name to the desktop market, introducing an Apple-like system where everything is packaged into a sleek desktop-style device.

Some people believe this device will be called the Surface Studio.

Reports of the Surface Studio are fueled by Microsoft’s FCC filing for both a keyboard and mouse in Surface gray. Industry analysts, understandably, recognize that these devices have to connect to something.

There are also reports from Trademark Ninja that a Microsoft-affiliated company trademarked the name “Surface Studio” – which is where reports of the name come from.

Meanwhile, other industry insiders, including Windows Central, believe that a “Surface Dial” could be Microsoft’s new gamechanging peripheral, allowing an artist to store their must frequently used shortcuts.

In any case, we don’t have to wait long to find out.

Other Exciting Windows 10 News Could Also Be Announced

Other rumors about the event include a roadmap for the future of Windows 10, a coming-out party for Microsoft’s HoloLens, and a possible Surface Phone or Surface Dial peripheral, as mentioned above. Some people also believe we’ll see a Cortana-based Home Hub, similar to the Echo and other smart home IoT products.

You can watch the live stream for Microsoft’s Windows 10 event online here:

It starts at 10am EST on October 26.

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