New Antivirus Software Masquerading as Microsoft Security Essentials

New Antivirus Software Masquerading as Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials is a valuable baseline security platform found on all Windows computers. A new malware is taking advantage of that fact by masquerading itself as a fake version of Microsoft Security Essentials.

After your computer is infected with the virus, you’re scammed into spending large amounts of money on “repairs” after calling toll-free numbers.

To encourage you to repair your PC, your computer will frequently display Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) errors.

All Windows 8 and 10 users need to be on the lookout for the virus, according to a recent blog post from Microsoft. The tech giant called the malware “Hicurdismos”.

After you see the BSOD error, you’re told to call a fake toll-free number to fix the problem – despite the fact that the problem doesn’t exist. In most cases, a BSOD error can be fixed with a simple restart.

One of the scariest parts about the malware is that it mimics a real error message used in Windows 8 and Windows 10. It displays the following message:


The top message is real, but the bottom message asking you to call the number is fake.

The Downloaded File Mimics Microsoft Security Essentials

Another problem with the malware is that the downloaded file very much resembles the download file for Microsoft Security Essentials. It uses the same logo to trick users into thinking they’re downloading the real thing.

The main difference is that your computer will alert you that “the publisher of setup.exe couldn’t be verified”, which is an error message you will not see when downloading the real Microsoft Security Essentials.


As you can see above, Hicurdismos isn’t as “pushy” as other malware out there. It doesn’t demand that you call a toll-free number to unlock your PC, for example. It just asks you to do so if you want to quickly fix the problem. That seems like a legitimate service Microsoft may provide – which is why this malware has a high success rate.


If you’re encountering this problem or something similar, download and run the real Microsoft Security Essentials today. Then, download Total System Care for enhanced protection.

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