This “One Weird Trick” Could Increase your Overwatch FPS By 50%

This “One Weird Trick” Could Increase your Overwatch FPS By 50%

Are you having frame rate problems with Overwatch? Do you just want to get closer to 60fps? One “weird trick” recently popped up on the internet to help increase frame rates.

That trick is easy for anyone to implement. In many users, it’s increased framerates by 30% to 50% – which is more significant than most graphic changes.

No, we’re not talking about just dropping the graphics settings so your game looks like blocky Lego people. Instead, we’re talking about making a seemingly insignificant change that has little noticeable effect on graphics quality – but an enormous effect on framerates.

The trick was discovered by Redditor raydialseeker, who pointed out that the Dynamic Reflections setting can significantly hamper your frame rate – despite the fact that it has little noticeable effect on Overwatch’s graphic quality.

Raydialseeker posted his tip on the r/Overwatch subreddit, where it quickly collected over 4,100 upvotes (95% upvoted), so obviously, that player wasn’t the only one who experienced enormous visual improvement. Raydialseeker actually said the change now allows him to play at 1440p at 60fps using an R9 280X and 4690K CPU.


What is dynamic reflections, anyway? Dynamic reflections is how your player is reflected on the environment in the game. It’s the setting that causes players and other moving objects to be mirrored in pools of water and other shiny surfaces as you walk by.

PC Gamer posted a good comparison gif showing the difference. It’s very noticeable when players are running through a puddle of water. But few players would argue that it’s worth a 30% to 50% drop in framerate – especially if you’re already having framerate problems.

You can change this setting in Overwatch’s graphic settings menu today. Just change the Dynamic Reflections setting from High to Off and enter the game. Let us know what type of framerate improvements you get in the comments section below!

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