How to Play Pokemon GO On Any PC or Mac

How to Play Pokemon GO On Any PC or Mac

You’ve got Pokemon GO on your mobile device, so why not get it on your PC?

It’s true: Pokemon GO is playable on your PC, but you probably won’t want to play it due to one obvious catch that we’ll explain below. Nevertheless, if you’re a tech geek like me, then you’ll get a kick out of impressing your friends when you fire up Pokemon GO on a laptop screen.

The key to playing Pokemon GO on your PC is to install an Android emulator – in this case, Bluestacks is your best option (although there are a bunch of other options available).

YouTube user Travis D did exactly that. He installed Bluestacks, downloaded Pokemon GO through that software, and played Pokemon GO on his PC. You can see exactly how that happened in the video below:



At the official Bluestacks website, the developers are actually specifically advertising the fact that you can play Pokemon GO on your PC.

Note: Bluestacks is also available for Mac, so there’s nothing stopping you from doing all of this on your Mac computer as well. However, it may be harder to spoof your location on Mac.

Now, the obvious problem with this method is that the game revolves around you moving around the real world to find Pokemon – so you’ll need to install another app that spoofs your GPS location (which can only be done after rooting your Android).

The Pokemon GO terms of service expressly forbid this behavior and state you’ll be banned from the game if your GPS spoofing is noticed. Most players, however, that were caught doing this were only prevented from playing the game for a few hours. They weren’t even banned from playing the game, they just had trouble competing at gyms and earning rewards from Pokestops. So you can push Pokemon GO a little bit with GPS spoofing before you get in big trouble.

Ultimately, Pokemon GO is perfectly playable on your PC – but you might want to use a burner account unrelated to your mobile Pokemon GO account. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting permabanned.

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