How to Stay Safe While Playing Pokemon Go: 4 Easy Tips

How to Stay Safe While Playing Pokemon Go: 4 Easy Tips

Whether you or your kids are into Pokemon Go, you’re going to face some serious security problems. Pokemon Go is a lot of fun – but it’s also exposing us to various exploits.

With that in mind, we’re going to teach you how to enhance your security and have fun while playing Pokemon Go at the same time.

4) Only Download Versions of the App from the Official Store

Whether you’re downloading Pokemon Go from the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store, these are the only two official sources of the game thus far. The Windows Phone store is filled with scammy Pokemon Go apps. Meanwhile you can find hundreds of thousands of .apk files online claiming to be Pokemon Go.

If Pokemon Go is not yet available in your country, then your best option is to just wait: it’s probably launching soon. At this point, there are only two official places you can download the app, including:

-For Android:

-For iPhones and iPads:

Unless you’re 100% sure about the safety of an .apk file you found online, you’re better off being patient and waiting to download the game from official sources.

3) Nobody is Giving Away Free PokeCoins Online

PokeCoins are the in-game currency in Pokemon Go. You can buy PokeCoins with real-world money. 100 PokeCoins cost $0.99 USD, while 14,500 PokeCoins cost $99.99.


There’s nothing wrong with buying PokeCoins to use in-game. They can be used to buy lures and other helpful items.

The problem is when people visit websites online attempting to get free PokeCoins. Many of these websites promise PokeCoin hacks or other unethical freebies. In reality, they’re probably just going to steal your account information and try to access all of your other online services.

If someone is claiming to give away free PokeCoins online, it’s probably a scam. Don’t fall for it.

2) Don’t Share your Pokemon Login with Anyone

There are plenty of Pokemon map sites out there. Some of these Pokemon map sites ask you to login with your personal information. Don’t fall for it: these sites want your Pokemon Go account information. All of the best Pokemon Go websites are free-to-use and don’t require you to login. If you are asked to login, make sure you use something different than your Pokemon Go account’s login.

pokemon go login

It’s not just mapping sites: any sites related to Pokemon tips and tricks may also be pulling this scam. Keep your head up.

1) Change your Account Password and Add 2 Step Authentication

Anytime a game becomes this popular, its servers are going to be inundated with hacking attacks. Hackers want to steal your account information – including your passwords – to try to gain access to your other online properties.

2 step authentication

With that in mind, you should change your password for your Google Account or Apple Account to something stronger. While you’re at it, adopt 2 step security: that way, if someone outside your known geographic range tries to login to your account, it will be blocked with a security request. They’ll need to enter a password sent to your mobile device, for example.

By following the tips listed above, you can ensure Pokemon Go remains a fun distraction – not a security risk.

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