Tim Cook Confirms Apple is Working on Augmented Reality Technology

Tim Cook Confirms Apple is Working on Augmented Reality Technology

It’s been rumored that Apple has been working on a virtual reality system for months. And now, thanks to Tim Cook, we finally have confirmation.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed that Apple was “doing a lot of things” in terms of augmented reality technology. He also stated that he believes AR is a “core technology” for Apple:

“I think AR is extremely interesting and sort of a core technology. So yes, it’s something we’re doing a lot of things on behind that curtain we talked about.”

Is Apple Making A Headset?

Apple VR has been rumored for years. Many people believe Apple could change the VR industry the way it did with the MP3 player industry and the iPod.

However, based on Tim Cook’s comments, the company seems to be focusing more on AR technology than VR technology. They may be releasing an Apple AR headset instead of an Apple VR headset.

Microsoft created their own AR technology, HoloLens, although it’s expensive and not really mainstream. Oculus and Vive are the other two major options in the industry, although they’re VR and not AR.

Ultimately, based on Cook’s interview, an announcement could be upcoming from Apple in the near future. However, it seems more likely that Apple is in the very early stages of development – typically, we hear rumors from Asian tech companies when Apple is preparing to release a new product.

Stay tuned for more information about Apple AR or Apple VR as we move forward!

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