Top 4 Secret Firefox Tips

Top 4 Secret Firefox Tips

Want to get more out of Firefox? Read through our list below for our favorite tips, tricks, and strategies for maximizing Firefox usage and performance.

1) Watch YouTube Videos Through In-Browser Picture-in-Picture Mode

Have you ever been watching a YouTube video and then wanted to do something else in the background? Firefox has a picture-in-picture mode that most users have never used.

The reason most users haven’t heard of it is because you need to install Firefox Test Pilot using your Firefox Browser. Test Pilot is an official Mozilla test version of Firefox that features experimental features and proposed updates.

Once you’ve opened Firefox Test Pilot, open the homepage and scroll down to Mini Vid, then click Get Started. Click Enable Mini Vid and the service will be enabled on your device.

Now try watching a video on YouTube. Take a look in the top left corner of the video when you hover your mouse over it. Click that icon, and the video will turn into a pop-out.

This is a very underrated feature. If you’re the type of person who likes to watch YouTube videos and browse at the same time, then Firefox’s Mini Vid could be a gamechanger.

2) Learn the Best Keyboard Shortcuts

You know about Alt+F4 and Ctrl+W (to close your window). You probably also know about Ctrl+N, which opens a new window. Here are some other useful keyboard shortcuts for Firefox:

  • Ctrl+Tab: Switches between active tabs
  • Ctrl+Shift+Delete: Clears recent browsing history
  • F5 / Ctrl+R: Reloads current page
  • Ctrl+T: Opens a new tab

Ultimately, there aren’t many shortcuts you’ll need to use when running an internet browser, but the ones listed above should help.

3) Speed Up Firefox with One Simple Trick

If you have a fast internet connection, then Firefox may be throttling your connection by default. To fix this problem, enable pipelining, which allows the loading of multiple items on a page simultaneously. Firefox disables this by default to make things easier for users on bad internet connections. If you’re confident about your internet speeds, then you can enable it to speed up the browsing process:

Step 1) Type about:config into your Firefox URL bar

Step 2) Once you’re in, look for the network.http.pipelining section and network.http.proxy.pipelining. Double click on both of these so their values become “true”.

Step 3) Restart Firefox. Open a few web browsers and you might notice faster loading times. If you’re on a fast internet connection, this can make a big difference.

4) Lock Firefox When Stepping Away from your Computer

If you’re like most people, your browser contains intimate access to your entire life – from your bank accounts to your browser history. Fortunately, Firefox has a feature where you can protect this information.

Step 1) Click the three horizontal lines in the top right corner of the screen to access the settings menu, then click Add-ons and type master password into the add-ons search bar.

Step 2) Install Master Passwordl+

Step 3) Restart Firefox, then open it again and click the menu icon in the top right. Go to Options > Security, then click the checkbox beside Use a master password.

Step 4) Click Master Password+ from the control panel, then enter the password you’d like to use for Firefox. Click the Startup tab, then check the box beside Ask for password on startup.

That’s it! Nobody can open your browser without typing in a password. If you work in a public office, or frequently let others use your computer, then this can be very valuable.

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