Top 5 Best Tools to Speed Up Your PC for Free

Top 5 Best Tools to Speed Up Your PC for Free

We all want a faster PC. But most of us don’t want to actually pay for a faster PC.

Do you want to speed up your PC without buying a new one or paying for a costly upgrade? Today, we’re showing you the top 5 best tools you can use to speed up your PC today – for free.

4) CCleaner (Free)

We’ll start with a program most of you have already heard of. CCleaner is a world-recognized software program famous for its ability to clean unnecessary data from your computer. One simple scan can wipe out several gigabytes of unwanted data from your storage unit – including old cookies and temporary internet files, along with files that aren’t typically removed during other installations.

CCleaner is available as a free download from developer Piriform here, although they offer professional versions starting at $24.95 USD.

Download CCLeaner here:

3) AVG PC Tuneup (Free)

AVG PC Tuneup is a free tool priced at $45 USD for the full version (but fortunately comes with a free trial).

The PC cleaning industry is filled with scams offered by low-quality developers online. AVG PC Tuneup is one of the few PC optimization software programs made by a legitimate developer like AVG.

In one scan, you can extend your battery by 117%, free up to 75GB of space from your hard drive, and speed up your startup times by as much as 77%. It’s all bundled into a nifty, convenient dashboard.

You can download your free trial here:

2) Microsoft’s Free Malware Removal Tool (Free)

Malware removal is another software industry filled with scams. That’s why Microsoft’s official Malicious Software Removal Tool is so useful. This free tool scans your system for known malware problems in its database, then removes them swiftly when identified.

The tool has its limits: it’s not typically up-to-date with the latest breaking malware definitions. However, it’s a good first line of defense between you and dangerous online malware.

You can download Microsoft’s free Malicious Software Removal Tool here:

1) AML Free Registry Cleaner

Registry cleaners aren’t nearly as important for PCs as they used to be: Windows does a lot of automatic registry cleaning on its own.

Nevertheless, software like AML Free Registry Cleaner 4.25 can still give your PC that little extra bit of juice it needs to maximize speeds. AML Free Registry Cleaner 4.25 is a 100% free software program that comes with no viruses, no spyware, and no malware. It’s a power-user tool that can be used to search through your registry (manually) to find junk files.

Or, you can use it to automatically clean your registry – which is what most people will want to do.

AML Free Registry Cleaner comes pre-configured with 22 types of file extensions it can identify throughout your registry.

To download AML Free Registry Cleaner today, visit this link:

Honorable Mention

As an honorable mention, we have to talk about our own PC software, Total System Care. We’re exceptionally proud of our software and the awards it’s achieved over the years – however, we felt mentioning it on this list would be a little too arrogant. You can download our software totally free of charge today from here:

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