Top 5 Features You Need to Know About in the Windows 10 Creators Update

Top 5 Features You Need to Know About in the Windows 10 Creators Update

The Windows 10 Creators Update has rolled out over the past week. You’ve probably noticed some substantial changes – it’s the second biggest update to Windows 10 since launch.

Want to make sense of the changes? We’ve picked the top 5 most important features, changes, and improvements you need to know about.

5) Better Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge continues to make a case for itself as a full-featured, modern internet browser. With this latest update, Microsoft has vastly improved the speed, efficiency, and battery consumption of Microsoft Edge. The company even released a video showing their browser lasting 3 to 5 hours longer while streaming compared to Firefox and Chrome. That means more binge watching for you.

Other improvements include a new tab preview bar that gives you a quick glance at every tab you have open without leaving your current page. You can then scroll through these tabs with your mouse wheel (or your finger, if using a touch screen).

windows 10 creators update 5

I’m personally a fan of the “set your tabs aside” feature, which lets you sweep tabs away from your active browser, then quickly restore them later. If you just planned a bunch of travel stuff at work, for example, you can sweep those tabs away and restore them later.

4) New Cortana Features

Microsoft has improved Cortana with features like:

  • Full-Screen Experience: Need to use Cortana from across the room? A new full-screen feature makes it easy to interact with Cortana from afar. This full-screen feature is activated when your PC is left idle.
  • Connect to Other Windows Devices: Cortana can help you pick up where you left off on other Windows devices. The Action Center will display quick links to help you get back up to speed, including websites you recently visited or documents you recently created through SharePoint.
  • Play Music: Cortana has a vastly improved music playback experience, including the ability to recognize commands like “Play my workout playlist on Spotify”.
  • Identify Music in Chinese: Cortana has been able to recognize music for a little while now. With the new update, Microsoft can recognize music in Chinese as well.

3) Night Light

The Night Light feature is one of the best improvements in Windows 10. Similar to the popular software f.lux, Night Light will dim light from your screen at night, helping you maintain normal sleep cycles. It’s been shown that using devices late at night messes with your sleep schedules and worsens your eyes. Night Light makes using Windows 10 less harmful for your eyes, especially in low light conditions.

You can turn on Night Light by going to Settings > System > Display.

2) Automatically Lock your PC When Stepping Away

Windows 10 has a new feature where you can automatically lock your PC when stepping away. It’s called Dynamic Lock. Essentially, you link your smartphone or mobile device to Windows 10. Then, every time you step away from your PC, Windows 10 will detect this change and automatically lock your system, then unlock it when you come back.

1) Game Mode

Microsoft has added a number of key features for Windows 10 gamers. Game Mode is one of those features. Supported on many UWP and Win32 games, Game Mode lets you take resources away from non-essential Windows processes, then dedicate those resources to your games. It’s a new way to maximize PC gaming performance.

windows 10 game streaming

Other gaming-related features include a new streaming feature, where you can open the Game Bar (press Windows Key + G) during gameplay, then stream to various platforms. You can setup animations and sound triggers, among other popular streaming features.

The Windows 10 Creators Update is an enormous update. What’s your favorite part of the update?

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