You Should Use Microsoft Edge for Netflix Because It’s the Only Browser that Can Stream 1080p

You Should Use Microsoft Edge for Netflix Because It’s the Only Browser that Can Stream 1080p

Most of us know that Microsoft Edge is a decent browser. But most of us don’t have a good reason to switch away from our well-established Chrome or Firefox profiles.

Well, Edge just got extensions. And now, people are starting to realize another killer feature of the browser: it’s the only one of the big four browsers capable of streaming Netflix at 1080p.

That’s right: all the hours you’ve spent watching Netflix in Chrome or Firefox has been a waste of time. You’ve been watching it in measly 720p resolution and not the maximum-possible 1080p.

There was actually quite a bit of controversy over whether or not Edge could handle Netflix better than the other browsers. Microsoft initially published data, but then not everyone believed them. The news was later confirmed by PC World. Now we know for sure: Edge can play full 1080p high-definition video from Netflix, while Chrome, Firefox, and Opera can only handle 720p.

Netflix’s support document also corroborates the 1080p claim, stating that Internet Explorer and the Microsoft Edge browser have always been the only two browsers to offer full HD streaming.

Edge can also reach a maximum bitrate of 7500 while rival browsers are stuck at 4420.

During the Netflix announcement, Microsoft also published data showing that Edge offers better battery life while streaming high definition video: a device running the Edge browser will last for 7:22 compared to 6:18 on Opera, 5:09 on Firefox, and just 4:19 on Chrome (Microsoft actually talked about the battery life benefit before dropping the 1080p bomb).

Anyways, if you have a Windows 10 computer, then you already have Microsoft Edge. The next time you fire up House of Cards or whatever the heck you watch on Netflix, you should probably do it on Edge. I’m not going to judge you if you want to switch back to Chrome for everything else.

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